Internet Marketing: 3 Manuscripts – Affiliate Marketing Beginner Guide, Content Marketing Beginner Guide, SEO Marketing Beginner Guide

By | October 18, 2017




*AFFILIATE MARKETING: Step By Step Beginner Guide For Making Money Online

  • Chapter 1: Why You Should Go into Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter 2: Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter 3: 10 Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make
  • Chapter 4: Tips to Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer
  • Chapter 5: 20 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Website Traffic
  • Chapter 6: Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches
  • Chapter 7: Top 15 Affiliate Programs to Promote

*CONTENT MARKETING: Step By Step Beginner Guide For Making Money Online

  • Chapter 1: Content Marketing Basics
  • Chapter 2: Choosing a Niche
  • Chapter 3: Creating the Right Website
  • Chapter 4: Generating Content People Want
  • Chapter 5: Beginner Content Marketing Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

*SEO MARKETING: Step By Step Beginner Guide For Making Money Online

  • Chapter 1: Understanding SEO Marketing
  • Chapter 2: The Basics
  • Chapter 3: Social Media Marketing
  • Chapter 4: Common Pitfalls
  • Chapter 5: Keys to Success



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Paid Social Media Jobs – work from home, facebook jobs, work at home

By | October 17, 2017

Product Features

  • Introduction
  • Review
  • Subscribe
  • Join Now

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Bundle: Internet Marketing, Loose-Leaf Version, 4th + LMS Integrated for MindTap Marketing, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card

By | October 16, 2017

Your students save money by purchasing this bundle which includes the loose-leaf version of Zahay/Roberts’ Internet Marketing, 4E, and access to LMS Integrated MindTap resources from within your campus Learning Management System. You will be prompted to enter this access code the first time that you click on a link in your course that includes Cengage content. The online product includes the MindTap e-reader as well as a wide range of study tools.

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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)

By | October 15, 2017

Perry Marshall, author of the #1 selling book on Google AdWords, joined by Facebook Advertising specialists Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche, lift the curtain to the more than a billion potential customers, by marketing on Facebook. This Facebook Guide will bring you more Facebook Fans quickly and reliably.

You’ll discover how to pinpoint your most profitable audiences–then, how to reach them, convert them, and keep them as your fan, friend, and customer for life.
Introducing game-changing strategies, valuable tools and reports, Marshall and team breakdown the magic of Facebook Paid Advertising, including mobile and local. You’ll see how to gain dramatically on your investment–in clicks, customers, and profits.

Discover how to:

-Build your business on Facebook
-Create a campaign and find new customers in minutes
-Get local customers to visit your store or event
-Gain expertise on Social Media Advertising, so you generate sales leads on demand
-Profile your audience using Facebook Graph Search and Ad Manager
-Create the perfect bidding strategy for your objectives and budget
-Hyper-target your audience with segment-specific ads
-Track and follow leads and customers
-Achieve measurable profits while you inform and entertain your fans
-Avoid ad fatigue with the perfect Newsfeed Ad

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Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit

By | October 13, 2017

Killing your current marketing structure may be the only way to save it!

Two of the world’s top marketing experts reveal the next level of breakthrough success―transforming your marketing strategy into a standalone profit center.

What if everything we currently know about marketing is what is holding us back? Over the last two decades, we’ve watched the entire world change the way it buys and stays loyal to brands. But, marketing departments are still operating in the same, campaign-centric, product-led operation that they have been following for 75 years. The most innovative companies around the world have achieved remarkable marketing results by fundamentally changing their approach. By creating value for customers through the use of owned media and the savvy use of content, these businesses have dramatically increased customer loyalty and revenue. Some of them have even taken it to the next step and developed a marketing function that actually pays for itself.

Killing Marketing explores how these companies are ending the marketing as we know it―in favor of this new, exciting model. 

Killing Marketing provides the insight, approaches, and examples you need to understand these disruptive forces in ways that turn your marketing from cost center to revenue creator. This book builds the case for, literally, transforming the purpose of marketing within your organization. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute show how leading companies are able sell the very content that propels their marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to:

* Transform all or part of your marketing operation into a media company

* Integrate this new operation into traditional marketing efforts

* Develop best practices for attracting and retaining audiences 

* Build a strategy for competing against traditional media companies 

* Create a paid/earned media strategy fueled by an owned media strategy

Red Bull, Johnson & Johnson, Disney and Arrow Electronics have succeeded in what ten years ago would have been deemed impossible. They continue to market their products as they always have, and, through their content-driven and audience-building initiatives, they drive value outside the day-to-day products they sell―and monetize it directly. 

Killing Marketing rewrites the rules of marketing―enabling you to make the kind of transition that turns average companies into industry legends. 

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Facebook: Facebook Marketing: Guide to get 10,000 likes and followers in 15 days for Facebook Page(Facebook advertising,Internet Marketing,social media,Instagram)

By | October 12, 2017

Get 10,000 Likes and Followers in 15 days.

This book focuses on how to make a Facebook fan page and the best practices for promoting our Facebook fan page. It also talks about how one can increase Facebook page likes and secrets behind it which comprises of attractive content, how to use Facebook promotions, the importance of live events, running contents, and creating and joining Facebook groups. The book emphasizes on tips for getting more people to like your Facebook page.

After reading it you will learn about….

  • How to make Facebook fan page
  • How you can increase Facebook Page like
  • Tips for getting more people to like your Facebook page
  • Advantages of creating Facebook fan pages
  • Don’t get Facebook disabled
  • And much much more……

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PPC: Learn Pay Per Click, Marketing and Advertising

By | October 11, 2017

Pαy Per Click (PPC) is αn internet αdvertising system meαnt to direct online trαffic to pαrticulαr websites where the αdvertiser pαys the publisher α certαin price when αn αd is clicked. This is α brief tutoriαl thαt explαins how you cαn use PPC to your αdvαntαge αnd promote your business.

This tutoriαl is primαrily going to help αll those reαders who αre into αdvertising αnd specificαlly those who αspire to mαke α cαreer in Internet Mαrketing.

Before proceeding with this tutoriαl, you should hαve α good understαnding of the fundαmentαl concepts of mαrketing, αdvertising, αnd αnαlyzing product αnd αudience.

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Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves

By | October 10, 2017

“Adam Penenberg’s lively book opens a window to all of our futures…”
–Ken Auletta, author of Googled: The End of the World as We Know It

“If you want to understand all things viral, this is the place to start. Penenberg’s reporting gives us a ringside seat for some of the biggest viral success stories in history, from Tupperware to Ning.”
–Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die?

“One of the most astounding things about the Web age is how the best advertising is often no advertising at all. Penenberg masterfully explains how this works with case studies of products that were designed to spread. Every product can use a dose of this technique; this is the book to get to learn how.”
–Chris Anderson, author of Free: The Future of a Radical Price

“In tight, engaging prose, Adam captures the essence of the ever-scaling power of the virus. It’s not just for geeks anymore.”

–Seth Godin, author of Tribes

“Penenberg discovers the perpetual motion machine for business and marketing… Buy this book. Catch a virus. Make a fortune.”
–Jeff Jarvis

“Penenberg has unlocked the secret to the most successful digital businesses. An indispensable read.”
–Robert Safian, Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

“Instead of entrusting your business to a guru with an agenda and a ghostwriter, you should be turning to a pro journalist like Adam Penenberg, who understands the way media and money interact, has the critical faculty to engage with these phenomena in an unbiased fashion, and the technical facility to explain them to you in an entirely engaging, informative, and actionable way.”
–Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus and Life Inc: How the world became a corporation and how to take it back.

Here’s something you may not know about today’s Internet. Simply by designing your product the right way, you can build a flourishing business from scratch. No advertising or marketing budget, no need for a sales force, and venture capitalists will flock to throw money at you.

Many of the most successful Web 2.0 companies, including MySpace, YouTube, eBay, and rising stars like Twitter and Flickr, are prime examples of what journalist Adam L. Penenberg calls a “viral loop”–to use it, you have to spread it. After all, what’s the sense of being on Facebook if none of your friends are The result: Never before has there been the potential to create wealth this fast, on this scale, and starting with so little.

In this game-changing must-read, Penenberg tells the fascinating story of the entrepreneurs who first harnessed the unprecedented potential of viral loops to create the successful online businesses–some worth billions of dollars–that we have all grown to rely on. The trick is that they created something people really want, so much so that their customers happily spread the word about their product for them.

All kinds of businesses–from the smallest start-ups to nonprofit organizations to the biggest multinational corporations–can use the paradigm-busting power of viral loops to enable their business through technology. Viral Loop is a must-read for any entrepreneur or business interested in uncorking viral loops to benefit their bottom line.

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Super Simple Press Release – Training, Composing and Broadcasting Software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X 2012 – 3PC/1User [Download]

By | October 8, 2017

Imagine YOU. An Instant Publicity GURU.

Everyone who is in business wants more ATTENTION.

More attention means more traffic and the opportunity to make more sales.

Businesses everywhere fight to try and grab a little more of your bandwidth.

The web has made it possible for anyone who is willing to communicate, to build a virtual microphone that completely bypasses the media of yesteryear.

Every week your or your business does something newsworthy.
But chances are very few people are aware of it. Why?

Because you haven’t mastered the art of “stealing the microphone” online. It’s called “Newsjacking”. And SuperSimplePR is your key to applying Newsjacking. To owning that microphone.

What you don’t know about PR is costing your business a small fortune.

With our Super Simple PR business builder package you will create boatloads of publicity and traffic whenever you need them.

There is a conversation going on about your market, your town, your neighbor and your company right this very moment. Online PR gives you license to insert yourself right smack in the middle of that conversation. You can direct it wherever you want. And you do not need anyone’s permission.

Our Online Press Release Program provides:
– Explicit training from bona fide experts in PR
– Software to help you craft perfect headlines. Develop ideas. Come up with incredibly compelling stories. Reverse negative competitive messages. And drive your story home.
– Access to our exclusive Online PR platform and get your message into as many as 135 international PR channels – for radical results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

Product Features

  • Get THE Secrets to Perfect Online PR (and traffic)
  • Find Traffic, Customers and Sales within Hours of your first PR
  • Every Element of The Perfect Press Release Covered in Detail
  • Examples from Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Trikke, StairCycle and More…
  • How to use Press Releases as the Core of Your Marketing Strategy

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Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

By | October 7, 2017

Tweet your company to the top of the market with a tailored approach to Twitter

Twitter Power 3.0 is the newly updated guide that shows smart businesses and entrepreneurs how to use Twitter to their advantage. This book is the best business leader’s guide to Twitter, with the most up to date information on trends in social media, branding, and competitive research. Readers will learn that viral content doesn’t happen by accident, why videos and photos are crucial to engagement, and how to measure the success of a Twitter strategy using specific and accurate metrics. This new edition contains brand new case studies, user profiles, features, and images, helping readers create a stronger overall Twitter strategy whether they’re already engaged or just wondering if Twitter’s important for their business future. Tip: it most definitely is important!

Twitter has grown up. It’s now a public company, worth over $30 billion, and it means business. Twitter has changed over time, but remains a crucial tool for business branding and a key place to engage with customers and build long-term client relationships. This book demonstrates how Twitter can play an important role in business growth, 140 characters at a time.

  • Understand how Twitter differs from other social media platforms
  • Build a savvy Twitter strategy as part of a broader social media plan
  • Create viral content that effortlessly spreads your message and gains you huge numbers of followers
  • Learn which metrics matter, and how to measure and track them

Firms need to understand how Twitter is a vital element in any social media marketing, and craft strategies specific to each. Twitter Power 3.0 is the complete guide to Twitter for business, with the latest information, proven techniques, and expert advice.

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Facebook Marketing: How to Create Successful Facebook Advertisements and Build Your Online Business

By | October 6, 2017

You know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites. However, how can you use it to your advantage? By taking advantage of Facebook’s ad system! You can advertise on Facebook even if you do not have a Facebook page for your business. All it is going to take is you having a Facebook account so that you can get into the pages that you are going to need access to in order to create your ad. You are going to be reaching out to a whole new world of people and bringing in more business than you ever thought before. But, there are some things that you are going to need to know in order to be successful with using Facebook’s ads. In this book, you are going to be learning things such as: • How to create an ad • Using images on your ads • Video ads • Ads without Facebook pages And so much more!

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Internet Marketing Forums

By | October 5, 2017

Product Features

  • Free Internet Marketing Forums Android Application. Top Three Internet & Digital Marketing Forums in One Android Application.
  • Get info and help from professionals on Internet Marketing. You can get answers for Internet Marketing fields like: SEO, Social Networks, E-commerce, Business, General Marketing, Domain Names, PPC, Affiliate Programs, Advertising, Design, Reviews and Much More.
  • Very Useful App if you run any business on the Internet. The Info you will find will save you time and money on every project you have.

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Online Marketing: 3 Manuscripts – Secrets That Will MaximizeYour Profits in Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, And SEO Marketing

By | October 4, 2017




*AFFILIATE MARKETING: Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Maximize Your Profits

  • Chapter 1: Conduct Keyword Research
  • Chapter 2: Write A Catchy Blog Post on Your Affiliate Product
  • Chapter 3: 10 Practical Tips for Leveraging Your Affiliate Links
  • Chapter 4: Use A Compelling Landing Page to Increase Conversions
  • Chapter 5: Create and Maintain A Personal Connection With Your Readers to Increase Conversions

*CONTENT MARKETING: Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Maximize Your Profits

  • Chapter 1: Creating Truly Custom Content
  • Chapter 2: Increase Your Conversions
  • Chapter 3: Create More Visual Content
  • Chapter 4: Improve Your Value Propositions
  • Chapter 5: Creating Effective Marketing Personas
  • Chapter 6: Content Marketing for Mobile Platforms

*SEO MARKETING: Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Maximize Your Profits

  • Chapter 1: How Effective is Your Current Internet Marketing Strategy?
  • Chapter 2: Increase Traffic with Better Headlines
  • Chapter 3: Increase Conversion Rates with Beautiful Images
  • Chapter 4: 20 Speedy Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media
  • Chapter 5: Using Whatsapp Marketing to Increase Online Sales
  • Chapter 6: 10 Online Marketing Tools to Invest In



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Social Media Marketing: Learn Strategies on How to Use FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to Grow Your Following, Build Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic to Your Business.

By | October 2, 2017

Learn How Thousands of People Make a Living of Social Media Marketing!

There are plenty of books on this subject of social media marketing, however, only few of them are actually useful. This book was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or even expert on social media marketing.

In This Book You’ll Learn:

  • How to Market on Facebook
  • How to Market on YouTube
  • How to Market on Twitter
  • How to Market on Instagram
  • How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
  • How to Brand Yourself – The Right Way
  • How to Find the Perfect Customers for Your Business
  • How to Expand Your Business Internationally
  • And much, much more!

This book will discuss the right way to make the best social media tools work for you so that you will be able to grow your business as well as your brand!

There are many things that you can do to market yourself online. However, you need to do it in a smart way without leaving any penny without a proper return on investment. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – you need to know how to attract customers that will be able to get the majority of the information that they need right from your social media business page.

This Book Is for You If:

  • You have an offline business and want to expand online
  • You’re new to social media marketing and want to have the smoothest start
  • You have an online business and want to grow your revenue
  • You are looking for ways to attract more fans, customers and audience to your brand
  • You’re a musician, entrepreneur, CEO, marketer, or just somebody that needs guidance on social media marketing – This book is for you!

So Scroll Up, Click The Buy Button, and Start Growing Your Business Right Now!

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CPA Lead

By | October 1, 2017

Product Features

  • CPA Lead Generation Network providing PPC advertising, CPA offers, and CPI mobile app installs.

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Twitter: The Ultimate 101 Twitter Guide for Marketing Branding & Business (Twitter Marketing- Twitter for Beginners- Twitter for Dummies- Twitter Followers- Twitter Bootstrap- Twitter for Business)

By | September 30, 2017

Your Ultimate 101 Twitter Guide Made Easy

You are about to discover proven steps and strategies to use Twitter to do cheap or free marketing to leverage your business, promote your products and services and find new clients. Twitter has over 500,000,000 users that you can reach in just 10 minutes. If you know how to use Twitter properly and understand how it works, you can make it work for you. With this guide you will learn how to use Twitter to promote your products, find new customers and launch promotional campaigns that will target only your prospects. You are about to discover how to maximize your exposure using Twitter’s platform and how to get the best bang for your buck! In this book you will learn the best ways to promote your business or products on Twitter, taking advantage of the various tools available today. You will find out how to properly setup Twitter pages, how to operate them, Twitter advertising campaigns.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

• Getting You To A Quick Start • Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign • Operating Your Twitter Page The Right Way • Making Your Very First Advertisement With Step-By-Step Instructions And Much, Much More!

Why You Should Buy This Book

You will learn how to professionally setup a Twitter page for your business, product or service, how to operate it and and how to plan your content marketing campaign the right way. You will find out how to maximize your exposure using Twitter, how to select and use them to attract potential buyers to your Twitter page or even website. One of the best ways to reach the right audience for what you have to offer, is undoubtedly is to Tweet. Want to Read the Full Story? Hurry! For a limited time you can download “The Ultimate 101 Twitter Guide for Branding Marketing & Business ” for a SPECIAL LOW PRICE of only $13.95! Download Your Copy Right Now! Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the


Tags: internet marketing for beginners, online marketing for beginners, online marketing for small business, digital marketing strategy, how to market your business, how to market online, internet marketing strategies, twitter marketing, twitter business page, twitter for dummies, twitter advertising, how to market on twitter, social media marketing

Product Features

  • Twitter The Ultimate 101 Twitter Guide for Marketing Branding Business

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Multilingual Digital Marketing: How To Achieve Your Digital Marketing Objectives And Increase Sales

By | September 29, 2017

Maria Johnsen has a wonderful way with words that makes this an amazing book to read.
Each chapter answers to various questions related to:

Solution Benefits

  •     How search engines work
  •     Paid advertisement strategies that really work: How to bid smart at lowest cost and increase sales?
  •     Find out Maria Johnsen’s global pay per click strategies
  •     Global marketing contains tactics which can be used in North America, Europe and Asia
  •     Sales tactics in Europe and North America
  •     Multilingual mobile advertising strategy
  •     Multilingual neuromarketing
  •     Where to find the right sales people and how motivate them to increase sales
  •     Multilingual neuromarketing
  •     Secrets in successful multilingual marketing
  •     Google’s latest algorithms and the best practices in increasing a website’s online visibility

Editorial Reviews

    “I’m confident that this book helped me out a lot. Lots of useful information on multilingual marketing online. I’m happy I found this.” – Steven Holt.
    “Essential Book for Any Online Marketer – Quick Read, Concise Language, Packed full of Useful Tips!” – Susan Rits
    “Absolutely amazing information!! I was intrigued from the very beginning of this book because of the need to drive more traffic to my websites.” – Anne Stevens

About the Author

Maria Johnsen holds a degree in political economy Kharkov University in Ukraine, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology, A in computer science and a Master of Science degree in computer engineering from university of science and technology in Norway. Her professional background and education is diverse and includes skills in areas such as sales, multilingual digital marketing, content writing, business intelligence, software design and development. In addition, she possesses the experience and education in the management of complex Information Systems. Maria knows eighteen languages and possesses experience in language instruction, tutoring, and translation. She has also developed a unique teaching method for fast learning “Implications for Upgrading Accelerated Learning Practices In Educational Systems” This method is applied in China and Norway. Maria Johnsen is also a multilingual SEO, PPC and social media marketing expert. She managed software projects for well-known IT companies and Bank in Norway, China, the UK as well as cooperation with governments and police authorities in regards to projects related to data crime and tracing terrorists online. Starting in 2008, she began offering search engine optimization services. Her company Golden Way Media expanded internationally in 2009 carrying out various projects in Europe, North America and Asia. While offering services to the general public, Maria Johnsen continues to consult with corporate clients, agencies and small businesses. She has skills and proven records in all areas of search engine optimization including keyword targeting, competitor research and on-site optimization.

Scroll up and grab a copy TODAY and start dominating the online world in your niche.

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Likeable Social Media, Revised and Expanded: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Amazing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, … and More (Marketing/Sales/Adv & Promo)

By | September 27, 2017

The New York Times and USA Today bestseller—updated to bring you up to speed on the latest social media sites, features, and strategies

From one of the world’s leading figures in social media marketing, networking, and business applications comes the heavily revised and updated edition of the Likeable Social Media.

Dave Kerpen is CEO of Likeable Local and Likeable Media, which has won two WOMMY awards from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) for excellence in word-of-mouth marketing.

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You Are Just One Great Ad Away From Success – Digital Advertising Tips, Tactics and Strategies: Digital Advertising Tips, Tactics, Advice and Strategies … Advertising Expert (Smarter Destiny Book 1)

By | September 26, 2017

The latest groundbreaking digital advertising tactics from Martyn Cook a leading Facebook™ Advertising expert and Digital Marketer.

From the author:

“For the last 10 years I have been advertising online. With millions of dollars spent and multi-millions dollars earned across a plethora of niches, categories and channels, I feel qualified to invite you to share in the findings and strategies that I’ve uncovered so far on my journey.

On my journey I have sold online items spanning clothing to jewellery, gadgets to dog collars, books, training courses, software and so much more – each with it’s own uniquely subtle approach.

This book contains distilled tactics and strategies that will stand the test of time – it has been written to remain current and relevant, even as the advertising platforms of choice change – the decisions, research and foundations will remain.

If you are new to advertising online, or a veteran – there are gems to be found among the pages.

I created this book to ease the burden of advertising online, to break it down, simplify and make it accessible to anyone boldly playing in the giant sand pit that is digital marketing.

It is my hope that you will take advantage of gems uncovered in this book, as well as your increased profits, pivot and turn your mind and resources to finding solutions to real problems, solutions that help improve the world!”

Some of the the topics covered inside:

  • Nailing your target and message to become irresistible to your audience
  • Thinking outside the box with your targeting choices
  • Constructing the perfect advert that stands out in a sea of noise
  • Cutting fat quickly – The tweaks you can make to your advertising decisions that will save more than 20% of your budget
  • Scaling winners fast and intelligently
  • The power of collaboration
  • BONUS: Mastering the art of happiness, whilst conquering online.
  • And much much more!

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    Internet Traffic & Leads: The Past, Present And Future Of Internet Marketing For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Win

    By | September 25, 2017

    How would your business change if you never had to worry about getting quality traffic and leads again? That is exactly what you are going to learn how to do when you purchase Internet Traffic and Leads. This is the book for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses using internet marketing. Vince Reed is a former athlete turned marketing expert who specializes in helping business owners generate leads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Search Traffic sites like Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing. If you want to become a master at marketing and lead generation, this book is for you.

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    Facebook: The Top 100 Best Ways To Use Facebook For Business, Marketing, & Making Money

    By | September 24, 2017

    Are you tired of being a Facebook amateur? Do you wish you could make some real money with Facebook like everyone else is?

    Whether you want to (1) know the basics of being successful with Facebook, (2) learn how to optimize your Facebook ads, or (3) make a full-fledged plan of action to make money with Facebook, this book will teach you everything you need to know.

    Are you lost when it comes to marketing on the internet?

    Don’t waste your time trying to figure out Facebook on your own. Do what the pros do to dominate. Learn the best strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. In this book you will discover an incredible array of techniques that you can use to easily increase your effectiveness in one of the most lucrative business tools in the world!

    Learn just how easy it is to master Facebook.

    Build your fan base and automate the entire process. Learn how to use the interactive nature of Facebook to connect with potential and actual customers and build relationships that would otherwise be impossible. With Facebook, you can cross borders with ease and serve customers all over the world. Facebook provides you with a multitude of powerful tools that are marvelously effective for getting new customers when used properly. Discover how easy it is a great way to reach people who share your interests and goals. Life is so much better when you can use one of the most powerful social media tools in the world to your advantage!

    Dramatically increase your online presence.

    Facebook has the potential to put your ideas and products before millions of people. It also has the ability to serve as the hub of all your social media activity. Learn today how easy it can be to link your Facebook page with major social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube! Facebook has nearly limitless possibilities to promote business growth.

    Find out how wildly successful you can be with Facebook!

    Get started today by following easy to follow step-by-step instructions for setting up a Facebook business page. Increase your business presence across the world by accessing the billions of Facebook users. Marketing trends are changing, and those that are following traditional marketing methods are going out of business every day.

    What Will You Learn About Using Facebook?

    • How to optimize your profile to be both appealing and informative.
    • How to create the perfectly structured post that will grab attention and create a buzz.
    • The best ways to engage your audience and keep them hungry for more.
    • How to market and make money with Facebook ads.
    • How to master the many powerful features built into Facebook Pages.

    You Will Also Discover:

    • Just how unbelievably powerful Facebook is and how to use it to your advantage.
    • The best third-party programs that extend the effectiveness of Facebook
    • How to use the tools in Facebook to drive traffic and increase sales.
    • How to use Facebook to increase your business presence and boost brand loyalty.

    Bring your product, business, and ideas to the world!


    Get in the game: Buy It Now!

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    Global Multilingual SEO: Including SEM, PPC, SMO and Usability

    By | September 22, 2017

    Global Internet Marketing made easier. Is global marketing part of your job? You will learn: • Tips for setting up multilingual, pay per click campaigns • Search Engine issues in different countries • Website architecture for different languages and regions • Usability tips for addressing different cultures • How to test new markets without committing major resources

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    Social Media Marketing For Business Growth: How To Skyrocket Your Business With Social Media Marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

    By | September 21, 2017

    Do You Want To Dominate Social Media in 2018?

    Market Your Business in Today’s Online World

    Are You Looking To Take Your Business To New Heights With Up-To-Date Modern Social Media Marketing?
    Would You Like To Learn All About Modern Social Media Marketing?


    Dominating Strategies For Social Media Marketing With Online Business

    Yes – You can dramatically increase your client base with this amazing social media marketing book!

    *** In This Book You will learn ***
    • What is Social Media?
    • Why is it Useful?
    • Social Media Marketing
    • How to Use Social Media for Business
    • Strategies for Business with Social Media
    • Social Network Marketing
    • Social media tips
    • Social media marketing planning
    • How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • How To get Master YouTube
    • How To get Master Facebook
    • How To get Master Twitter
    • How To get Master Instagram
    • General Tips on Using Social Media for Marketing
    • The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

    • Much, much more, tips, tricks.

    Would You Like To Know More?

    “This Book Below Will Show You Exactly What You Need To Do To Finally Be A Success With Your Marketing Business!”

    This book trains you in easy-to-understand lessons. It starts from the very beginning of social media marketing, so you can get great results – and grow your business!

    Download now and start social media marketing right now!

    NO RISK INVOLVED with 100% Money Back Guarantee Backed Up by Amazon.

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    The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

    By | September 20, 2017

    A complete guide to Facebook advertising.

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    The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly

    By | September 19, 2017

    The international bestseller—now in a new edition

    When it comes to marketing, anything goes in the Digital Age, right? Well, not quite. While marketing and public relations tactics do seem to change overnight, every smart businessperson knows that it takes a lot more than the ‘next big thing.’

    The New Rules of Marketing & PR is an international bestseller with more than 375,000 copies sold in twenty-nine languages. In the latest edition of this pioneering guide to the future of marketing, you’ll get a step-by-step action plan for leveraging the power of the latest approaches to generating attention for your idea or your business. You’ll learn how get the right information to the right people at the right time—at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

    The Internet continues to change the way people communicate and interact with each other, and if you’re struggling to keep up with what’s trending in social media, online videos, apps, blogs, or more, your product or service is bound to get lost in the ether. In The New Rules of Marketing & PR, you’ll get access to the tried-and-true rules that will keep you ahead of the curve when using the latest and greatest digital spaces to their fullest PR, marketing, and customer-communications potential. Keeping in mind that your audience is savvy and crunched for time, this essential guide shows you how to cut through the online clutter to ensure that your message gets seen and heard.

    • Serves as the ideal resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, PR professionals, and non-profit managers
    • Offers a wealth of compelling case studies and real-world examples
    • Includes information on new platforms including Facebook Live and Snapchat
    • Shows both small and large organizations how to best use Web-based communication

    Finally, everything you need to speak directly to your audience and establish a personal link with those who make your business work is in one place.

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