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Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business (Ultimate Series)

By | January 19, 2018

SELL MORE WITH INSTAGRAMAre you ready to tap into Instagram’s booming network of 600 million viable customers? With the Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business, social media marketing expert Kim Walsh-Phillips gives you the tools you need to get your due return on investment out of Instagram. From cross-platform branding and marketing advice to practical […]

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Help! My Facebook Ads Suck

By | January 15, 2018

Have you put up Facebook ads to sell your books time and time again, only to spend a pile of money and not see any sales? You’re not alone. I was there too, but now I have quit my day job and make a living selling fiction. Both my initial success and the sustainability of […]

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The Million Dollar Listing Social Media: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide for Real Estate Professionals!

By | January 4, 2018

Discover the techniques that will make your real estate business grow exponentially. This easy to comprehend guide will teach how to navigate the roadmap of Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and many more. An easy to comprehend manual that will guide you from beginning to end on what has […]

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Twitter Marketing: Treinamento Com Tudo O Que É Necessário Para Você Dominar O Seu Mercado (Portuguese Edition)

By | December 30, 2017

Nos últimos anos, houve uma evolução e crescimento das mídias digitais, popularizando-as por todo o mundo. Elas se tornaram não apenas instrumentos de cunho social, mas também poderosas ferramentas para o marketing virtual. Entre elas, a que mais tem ganhado destaque recentemente é o Twitter. De caráter minimalista e viral, o Twitter se expandiu para […]

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Software Video Learn ADVERTISING NETWROKS Pay per click Training DVD Sale 60% Off training video tutorials DVD

By | December 29, 2017

Advertising Networks Pay Per Click training video movies what you will learn: Advertising Networks PPC. Pay Per Click. Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101. A. What is Pay Per Click Advertising 1. Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising 2. How Does it Work 3. Getting a AdWords Account 4. Avoid Simple Mistakes 6. Keyword Research 7. PPC Networks […]

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SEO 2018 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strateg: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies

By | December 28, 2017

Learn SEO strategies to rank at the top of Google with SEO 2018 EXPANDED & UPDATED – NOVEMBER, 2017 No matter your background, SEO 2018 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, exact steps to rank high in Google, and how get a ton of customers with SEO. […]

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing (Idiot’s Guides)

By | December 24, 2017

Cash in on the Twitter trend and reach more customers! The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Twitter Marketing will help you connect with your customers and build your brand’s online presence in no time. This guide is full of essential information on maximising Twitter’s marketing tools giving you the surest path to success. Find key suggestions […]

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Make Social Media Work For Your Business: The 8 Book Series on one Book! The Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Periscope

By | December 22, 2017

THE COMPLETE 8 BOOK SERIES IN ONE BOOKThe complete guide to Social Media Marketing for your business includes how to generate leads, find new customers and build your brand on all the major social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Periscope, Foursquare, Vine and Snapchat. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are […]

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The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

By | December 4, 2017

By now it’s clear that whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure. And there are countless pundits, authors, and consultants eager to advise you. But there’s no one quite like Guy Kawasaki, the legendary former chief evangelist for Apple and […]

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Buying Traffic To Generate Visitors

By | December 1, 2017

Today’s market place is very different than forty-years ago. Forty-years ago if you wanted to open a business you had to have upfront costs, property, large amounts of inventory, and your best bet for advertising was the local paper and direct mail pieces. Of course, this took a lot of effort and even more money. […]

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Affiliate Marketing: What Steps To Take And What Profits You Make (Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Book 3)

By | November 27, 2017

★ ★ ★ This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users ★ ★ ★ Affiliate Marketing: What Steps To Take And What Profits You Make Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting the products and services of others merchants. The affiliates create a website and redirect their traffic to the website of the merchant. […]

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Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing (Ultimate Series)

By | November 23, 2017

Google AdWords looks easy but proves to be hard. Local business marketing is tough because owners are besieged with phone calls, reps and solicitations promising “first page on Google,” “Facebook traffic,” “Social Media expertise” and myriads of advertising opportunities. And most local business owners feel ill-equipped to judge. They write big checks, and all too […]

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How To Market Your Business On Facebook

By | November 16, 2017

Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms

By | November 15, 2017

An essential guide for every kind of artist that teaches them how to skip the gallery system, find their niche, and connect directly with collectors to profitably sell their art. For years, galleries have acted as gatekeeper separating artists and collectors. But with the explosion of the Internet, a new generation of savvy, independent artists is […]

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Facebook Marketing for Small Business: Easy Strategies to Engage Your Facebook Community (‘Net Worth Guides)

By | November 13, 2017

Advertise Your Business Today with Tomorrow’s Strategies If you run a small business, then Facebook is your new best friend. Facebook can help you find new customers, promote brand loyalty, and turn awareness into sales. But the internet changes quickly. To take advantage of everything Facebook has to offer, you’ll need the newest tools and […]

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Amazon Ads: Beginners guide to Learn how to advertise on Amazon! PPC and Sponsored ad strategies.

By | November 12, 2017

Looking for a quick, pocket guide on how to advertise on Amazon? Advertising on the Internet is not a new thing. Ever since Google came onto the market people have been able to advertise their products and services to a vast audience using keywords and other metrics. With this ability the ability to make lots […]

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Tao of Twitter

By | November 11, 2017

Perpetually updated, The Tao of Twitter is the world’s best-selling guide to Twitter. Whether you’re a beginner or have enjoyed the platform for years, you’re bound to get new insights and ideas from this book. The Tao of Twitter unravels the language of Twitter, provides dozens of ideas on how to build your audience, describes […]

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Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2018 Edition – How to Use Social Media for Business

By | November 10, 2017

2018 UPDATED EDITION Learn Social Media Marketing in Plain English – Step by Step! Buy the Book Used at Stanford Continuing Studies to Teach Social Media Marketing for business. 2018 EDITION – all info verified, and a NEW chapter on Instagram, plus revisions on LinkedIn Read the Reviews – compare the REAL REVIEWS of this […]

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Facebook Marketing: How I Got 40,000 Likes and Made Much More Money – Step by Step Easy and Simple Guide

By | November 2, 2017

Most of us are all familiar with social media, but there are still some questions on how to best utilize Facebook to your advantage and help your business flourish. This isn’t uncommon, as there are dozens of small businesses on Facebook, and while many of them want to grow their pages, few of them know […]

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd

By | November 1, 2017

WARNING: Do Not Read This Book If You Hate Money To build a successful business, you need to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth. Traditionally, creating a marketing plan has been a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why it often doesn’t get done. In […]

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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)

By | October 28, 2017

NEW CUSTOMERS ARE WAITING…FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK Facebook makes it easy for businesses like yours to share photos, videos, and posts to reach, engage, and sell to more than 1 billion active users. Advertising expert Perry Marshall is joined by co-authors Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche as he walks you through Facebook Advertising and its […]

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Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers

By | October 26, 2017

“There’s nothing more tragic to me than a brilliant writer with a distinct voice—and no audience. Twitter for Authors will help you find your tribe, build your platform, and boost your book sales.”—Mark Malatesta,Founder of Literary Agent Undercover, and former New York Times Bestselling Literary Agent “I believe that Twitter is essential for authors and […]

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Facebook: The Marketing Blueprint: How to Make $$$ with Your Likes

By | October 25, 2017

Understand the phenomenon called social media! Social media marketing has always been a field that has rendered creativity and accessibility of available avenues that attribute to a businesses’ overall success. Successful business organizations revolutionize the market with their marketing strategies. For causes, social marketing moves people to action for their own good. The question is […]

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Internet Marketing: 3 Manuscripts – Affiliate Marketing Beginner Guide, Content Marketing Beginner Guide, SEO Marketing Beginner Guide

By | October 18, 2017


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Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit

By | October 13, 2017

Killing your current marketing structure may be the only way to save it! Two of the world’s top marketing experts reveal the next level of breakthrough success―transforming your marketing strategy into a standalone profit center. What if everything we currently know about marketing is what is holding us back? Over the last two decades, we’ve […]

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