Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes

By | June 1, 2019

***This version is out of print & out of date. Please find the 5th edition of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords which is the current version.***

Double Your Web Traffic – Overnight!
Whether you’re brand new at AdWords or 7-year veteran, The Ultimate Guide toGoogle AdWords will decisively advance your game in 2 hours or less.

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Google gets searched more than 1 billion times every day–creating an unbelievable opportunity to get your business in front of thousands every minute…IF you know what you’re doing.

Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd uncover the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that Google should teach you, butdoesn’t.

Discover how to build an aggressive , streamlinedcampaign proven to increase your search engine visibility, consistentlycapture clicks and increase sales. No other guide is as readable, or relevant in it’s coverage of today’s fastest, most powerful advertising medium.

* Pay only for leads, signups or sales rather than just clicks
* Connect Google ads to social media
* Use Google’s Conversion Optimizer function to it’s fullest
* Best practices for using Google’s Display Network
* Know the latest information on “relevance” and how to keep Quality Scores high
* Build a powerful, streamlined campaign from scratch
* Develop high quality keyword lists
* Write killer advertising and website copy that gets clicks
* Get your ads in front of the best audience possible
* Keep your ads showing up with high quality scores
* Triple your traffic with Google’s Display Network
* Earn high rankings in Google’s organic search results
* Slash your bid prices
* Gain more conversions and sales
* Avoid costly mistakes made by all Google advertisers
* Determine what’s working with Google’s conversion tracking

Unstoppable Forces Will Either Propel You to Victory or Bury You on Page 2-3-4 of Google’s Search Results.

You Either Win or Lose.

Things aren’t getting any easier out there. Which is why we’re introducing anew weapon for winning the war on the right side of the page: TheUltimate Guide to Google AdWords.

Record numbers of people arecoming to the web to do business. As the offline economy stumbles andfalters, as politicians promise helpless, ineffective solutions, theInternet continues to heat up.

Never before has being at the bottom of the AdWords heap been so expensive or cost you more time than it does right now.


Never before have so many people been trying to climb to the top of the AdWords heap!

Staying at the front of the Google AdWords wavefront is critical to thecontinued success of your business. If your rival gains the upper hand,the long-term consequences may be grave.

When you prevail, thebenefits of dominating a market continue to earn compound interest.Market Dominators still control their own destiny and still make themajority of the profits.

Even in the present crunch, it is still possible to prosper. 
If you are going to prosper this year…. Prepare for battle.

If getting visitors to your site via Google AdWords is oxygen for yourbusiness (even if you’re doing comfortably well), don’t you even thinkabout resting on your laurels, because somebody is hungry to take what’s yours.

If you stumble even for a minute, dozens of competitors are positioned to pounce.

When you’re #1 in your market, you get the best customers, the bestopportunities, and the best defense against competition. “The WinnerTakes All.”

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Hands Down THE Best Adwords Resource

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This book offers a fairly well organized, clearly written …

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There are mixed feelings about Perry Marshall and some of …

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