FACEBOOK MARKETING: Advertising with Facebook Ads – Updated 2019

By | July 29, 2019

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If you want to sell on Facebook, this is your book.

Nowadays, promoting your business on Facebook is a must to guarantee your company visibility and new customers.

But, how do we do that?

Facebook provides us different tools that we can use to reach our potential clients with laser-focus precision. It’s a unique opportunity: we can show our advert to interested people, guaranteeing ourselves a very high return on investment.

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With Facebook Marketing, Luigi Padovesi explains in detail how the promotion on Facebook works, with in-depth information on the algorithm and with five practical insights to help you understand how to use the most common features.

With this book you will understand:
• What is Facebook Ads
How and when you need Facebook for promotion
• How to define a marketing strategy on Facebook
• How to create a target of potential customers
• How to create a sponsored post – from a technical point of view!
• 16 Insights on available advertising formats
Facebook or Google?
• How to do remarketing and retargeting
• How to analyze your results
• The mistakes you absolutely must avoid
• 4 Case Studies from companies that have used Facebook Ads correctly

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