7 Powerful Strategies for Google Adwords Designed to Crush Your Competitors

By | March 3, 2019

7 Powerful Strategies for Google Adwords Designed to Crush Your Competitors!
These simple, yet powerful strategies in this book are easy to implement and geared towards maximizing your Google Adwords performance.
The optimization techniques taught in this book are a small compilation of strategies learned and proven by Google Adwords Certified Partner, Clay Sinclair.

Who is Clay Sinclair? He is the author of this book and owner of CS Consulting Partners, Inc, doing business online at PPCE.net. Since ’02, Clay has been managing pay per click accounts on a global scale. Just read what some of his past and current clients have to say …
Josh Hesse of TradeSmartU.com says – “It’s hard to put into words my gratitude toward PPCE, so I’ll let the numbers speak. Previously we had several marketing firms attempt and fail to grow our business. Within 6 months of contacting PPCE our marketing grew by over 1,000% and our sales increased similarly (slightly better actually)! They literally grew our business so fast that I’m currently limiting their efforts to give us time to developed additional infrastructure. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation — hire the experts, get out of their way, and watch out for the prospect tsunami that is inevitable!”

Jon Moody of QlikView.com says – “I am so glad I found PPCE.net, they have completely taken our SEM program to the next level. In the first 4 months of working with them we saw huge gains in lead volume, our cost per clicks dropped, and we were actually spending less per month. Our previous agency was focused on too many accounts at once and could not provide the results, but PPCE.net did! Not only did they reduce our costs but from their diligent optimization techniques we have expanded our campaigns into areas we previously did not see value and now are seeing HUGE value. That is the sign of a great company.”

Alan Weissman of MyNursingUniforms.com says – “We have experienced a tremendous amount of success working with Clay Sinclair and PPCE. As our business has grown, our PPC account has grown into 1000’s of keywords and bids that need to be managed on a daily basis. We had previous worked with a large PPC agency before working with PPCE, and have since experienced a marked decrease in management costs, a significant decrease in CPC, and an overall increase in number of sales & revenue.”

Whether you’re website or your company’s website is purposed for lead generation or ecommerce sales, the optimization techniques taught in this book will work.

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