Twitter Marketing: The Unique Winner’s Path To Reach 10,000 Follower’s & Convert To Glorious Cash (The Winner’s Series)

By | January 30, 2018

IMPORTANT: … How the most powerful & influential business owners tap into $1,000’s, $10,000’s, or $100,000’s by marketing the CORRECT WAY with Twitter – and how you can do the same…

…For the price of a coffee! 1,300,000,000 – that’s the amount of accounts created on Twitter. Quite clearly – THERE’S A FORTUNE… A WEALTHY AUDIENCE… but only for those who know how to access it. Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms, meaning it’s VITAL for advertising. Twitter may seem straight forward, but to use it effectively, it can become extremely complicated. Luckily… If you’re interested in making more money, fame, power, getting a larger audience, influencing more people, branding your business or yourself better… all through Twitter … this book will show you how. Here’s what you’ll learn: Introduction Chapter 1: The Basics of Twitter Marketing – Branded Profile – Sales Funnel – Regular Posting – Followers Chapter 2: Building Your Audience – Follow Others – Ask Questions – Show Your Dynamic Brand Personality – Don’t Focus on Twitter Celebrities – Build A Trustworthy Reputation with Followers – Respond – Direct Message When Necessary – Retweet – Interact and Engage – Start a Hashtag – Take it to Other Platforms Chapter 3: Pre-Selling – Follow the 80/20 Rule – Sell Without Selling – Provide Non-Sales-Related Value – Make Sales Posts Attractive – Maintain a Post-Sales Relationship Chapter 4: Paid Advertising – Benefits of Twitter Paid Advertising – Objective-Based Campaigns – Creating Successful Ads – Attractiveness – Conversational Tone – Call-To-Action – Information on Where to Go Next Conclusion This is a complete guide to understand and use Twitter to the highest effect. All that’s left is for you to flip the pages and implement the strategies. It really is that simple. Literally, you can turn a couple bucks for the price of this book into a huge pile of cash. Stay ahead of the game, stay ahead of your competition.

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