Twitter Marketing For Promoters, Entertainers, Musicians, and Artists: From the Author, How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by An Expert (Dare 2B GR8)

By | May 31, 2018

The author of the bestseller How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, just released another blockbuster book. Twitter Marketing for Promoters, Entertainers, Musicians, and Artists. This book can show ANYONE how to build a formidable social media platform IN A SHORT TIME. It is Book 6 in the Dare 2B GR8 Series. It’s simple, not complicated; gain more followers, get more exposure, sample more music, get more fans, sell more CD’s, and make more money. And, Label companies will be knocking down your door. This book shows how to gain 100 followers in under 15 minutes every day by applying just one SECRET KEY. Get AMAZING results in the first 48 hours or lunch is on me. Don’t let the brevity of the book fool you, it’s the short version of How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers–it’s the most powerful book on selling more music than you’ll ever read. If you’re in the music business, then you can’t afford, not to read this book. Twitter changed how people view the world and opened a whole new approach to marketing on-line. It all started out as a dream. In February 2014, I had 3,000 followers. By March 2015, I reached 100,000. And today, I have 330,000 Twitter followers and growing at a rate of 500 a day. I know many of you won’t believe me, and that’s perfectly okay. You can verify my followers count @mistersalesman. (Copy and Paste) I know that it’s hard to determine when someone is telling the truth or just blowing smoke. Nevertheless, I want you to know the facts about the book so you can make an intelligent buying decision. In March 2015, when I realized that I had discovered a system where I could gain a ton of followers, organically, one at a time, I published How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by An Expert. I thought about all the businesses and individuals who’s been struggling to establish a presence on social media and how this book would instantly solve their problem. At first, people were skeptical because of the title. So, I had to wait until the results rolled in. Now, 123 reviews later, the book has helped Twitter users gain over 4 MILLION followers, and that’s just from customers that I know about. Here are just a few of them who have gone from a few followers to reach the 100,000 mark in a year or less which only a small fraction of people will ever achieve on Twitter. @DoriCreates 268,000! @TableOfferings 205,000! @JuliaGrantham2, 203,000! @goodsolitaire 136,000! @bobbyblaze744 134,000! @Met4morphoses 133,000! @osideo 127,000! @Tammysdragonfly 112,000! @EroticaTiffany 103,000! @rafaelwrites 101,000! @Randomitable 100,000! @AReeceAuthor 92,000! Amedeus Hines @Rafaelwrites said, “I read How to Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers and didn’t quite make the 1 year time-line but gained 100K followers in 13 months! Thanks, M!” @RolfBlaser, “I’ve purchased the book How To Gain 100,000 Followers and I have to say, I was a little skeptical. Even when I started to read, I thought, oh well, no news. However, by following your Six Powerful Factors in a systematic manner proved successful–I’ve gone from 1,350 followers to 2,127 and counting, within one week, and I haven’t even finished the book yet. Your recipe works truly amazing, even if it sounds trivial.” Update: 4,000 When you get immediate results like that, you know that you’re on to something big. Here’s the bottom line: If you purchase this book and implement the SECRET KEY, I promise, that you’ll see AMAZING results in the first 48 hours. And if that doesn’t happen, call me out on Twitter @mistersalesman and I’ll give you a free consultation. Build Fast. Build Strong. Read 10% “Free” Look Inside scroll up to the top left corner of the page or click the buy button and start reading in 1 minute.

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