The Age of Digital Marketing: Master the Power of Facebook Advertising for Insanely Effective Social Media Marketing: Become an expert in Paid ads, Maximize ROI in PPC, Gain Customers & Conversions

By | October 1, 2018

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Learn how to Leverage the Power of the largest online Audience in the world!

  • 79% of Americans Actively Use Facebook (and this number is only growing)
  • 50 Million + businesses have facebook pages
  • 57% of Consumers Say Facebook Contents and Ads Influenced their Purchasing Decisions
  • 23% of Facebook Users report Making a purchase after Clicking on a Facebook Ad
  • There is a virtually endless pool of customers at your fingertips that you can tap into if you learn how to master Facebook Advertising and learn how to take advantage of all the resources and data that Facebook provides for businesses.
    This book will teach you how to get started with Facebook Advertising.
    You will learn:

  • All of the different ways you can advertise on Facebook
  • How to decide which form of advertising will work most effectively for your business and objectives
  • B2C vs. B2B advertising on Facebook
  • The pros and cons of using Facebook Ads Vs. Google Adwords and how you can use both for maximum reach
  • How the platform works and how it automates your remarketing and targeting
  • How to evaluate and learn from the facebook reports and data to optimize your marketing efforts and get the most bang for your buck.
  • You will become an expert in:

  • Creating effective facebook ads
  • Exploiting the tools and tricks that most people aren’t aware of on Facebook. This will give you a competitive edge
  • Keeping your advertising campaigns lean by controlling the budget and spending only on the most effective strategies and campaigns
  • Avoiding the 30 most common mistakes people make with Facebook Advertising.
    This book is a comprehensive, step-by-step, beginners guide that will help you become an influencer on Facebook, a platform that is absolutely essential for marketers who want to be effective in the 21st Century.

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