Productivity for Charites: Twitter for Good – AUTOMATED! Raise Money, Save Time, Get Followers (Twitter, Social Media): An Automation Guide for Charities … Guide to Twitter Marketing Book 2)

By | June 24, 2018

Charities / 501c3s will learn productivity hacks:

  • How to Automate Your Tweets- and make them look good
  • How to Automate Your Retweets- the key to freeing your time
  • How to Automate Replies to People (and What to Say)- a great way to start talking to people
  • How to (Almost) Automate Following People- grow your Twitter followers, fast
  • How to (Almost) Automate Unfollowing People- and why you’d want to
  • Get Followers, Add Value, Explode Your Charitable Fundraising
    Have you ever….

    • Wondered how you’d have time to promote your cause on Twitter?
    • Wondered, isn’t there an easier way?
    • Wondered how other charities seem to tweet constantly?
    • Do you wonder why everyone knows how to tweet except you?
    • Do you dream of an unlimited supply of donors?
    • Did you know Twitter can be a big part of your free charity marketing efforts, and with great results?
    • Would you like to know how to use Twitter to grow your fund raising?
    • Or a free or cheap way to get worldwide donors?

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to start Social Media Marketing with Twitter, this book is for you!

    This book is action packed full of great idea’s to help you get started automating your use of Twitter today!

    In this book you will find:

    • What is Twitter?
    • Getting started with Twitter
    • A strategy on how to use Twitter for your charitable business
    • How to create content that will attract followers and customers
    • The best ways to use Twitter for marketing
    • And much more!
    • You’re about to discover that Twitter marketing doesn’t have to take much time. That Twitter marketing is a strategy, and is easy. That you too can grow your Twitter followers.

      Articles about how to successfully market products and services on the internet.

      This Kindle ebook is full of up-to date information, hot of the press. It will help you reach goal of exploding your business using Twitter!

      Take action. Scroll up and download your copy today!

      Twitter for Good – AUTOMATED! is not just for 501c3s. Anyone can learn these time saving techniques to automate Twitter marketing, even if you are a Twitter beginner. You don’t have enough time in the day to constantly send out tweets and retweets, do you? And who does? This book will give you simple, step by step methods to automate much of the manual work of participating in this critical social network. The book jumps right into what you need to know to help you automate your tweets, retweets, follows, unfollows, and more, but also has a complete section if you just need Twitter for dummies help.

      “So much good advice. Better than a Twitter for Dummies book. It’s that simple.”

      “Having a way to do Twitter for beginners and yet automate so much of the drudgery of constantly being expected to tweet…this will save me so much time in my fund raising marketing efforts.”

      “I was swamped trying to keep up with all my social posts…and needed a Twitter for Good guide that would help me take some of the pressure off…these techniques could be used by anyone.”

      “…actors, indie authors, lawyers, churches, charities, and any small business owner could benefit from automating some of the work involved in using Twitter to promote your business.”

      “I’d read a lot of book marketing for good books, but this gives a simple book promotion strategy that even I can follow.”

      “…he said I’d learn ‘how to promote my cause,’ and he was right.”

      “A good Twitter for social media marketing read. And it’s a nearly free Kindle ebook!”

      “I just needed to…use Twitter for business. This was such a help!”

      Take action. Scroll up and download your copy today!

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