Lazy Writer’s Guide to Twitter: Book Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy, Volume 2

By | September 28, 2018

Feel like your book marketing efforts need a bit of a (social media) shot-in-the-arm?

Tried marketing your books on Twitter with little (or no) success?

Marketing Promotion Ideas

Looking for a Twitter marketing for authors blueprint that gives you a step-by-step roadmap for when, what, and how to use Twitter?

Well…look no further!

Because in Lazy Writer’s Guide to Twitter (Vol. 2 of the Lazy Writer’s Guide to Social Media), we cover important and ground-breaking topics such as:

  • Chapter One: What Twitter is super awesome at (and what it monumentally sucks at)
  • Chapter Two: How to set up a kickass Twitter marketing funnel
  • Chapter Four: The ultimate “What to Post, When to Post and How to Post” cheat sheet
  • Chapter Five: How to build an army of rabid Twitter fans (in no time)
  • Chapter Seven: Four tools & resources to make your Twitter life a helluva lot easier
  • And so much more

And unlike most social media books – which are about as up-to-date as a TV Guide from the 80s – these books are updated with the latest, newest, ground-breaking social media strategies that ACTUALLY work!

I know. Because I did a lot of stuff that didn’t work…until I found something that did work.

I’m a full-time author, myself, having published in a myriad of both fiction and non-fiction genres.

And though I can’t promise that you’ll be able to quit your day job two days after sending out your first tweet – unless your last name is “Kardashian” – I can promise that this audiobook will give you the strategies, shortcuts, and techniques for broadening your author message and getting your name in front of that most valuable asset of all: your ideal reader.

So, even if you’ve tried Twitter and had zero success – or never tried it and are a total Twitter newbie – give this audiobook a chance.

Your author brand (and your bank account) might just thank you.

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