Agile Google Ads Executive Summary: Maximize your AdWords Performance in 3 Steps using “PPC CheckMate” Patented Methodology

By | September 5, 2018

Google Ads (the former AdWords) is the most successful online advertising system in the history of the Web (it is used by millions of advertisers all over the World and, according to WARC, in 2017 it counted for the 44% of the global online advertising revenue share). There are no models of Pay Per Click campaigns that can guarantee top results in any sector because the same goals can be achieved in many different ways (and this is a verified fact, not an opinion of the author). The “PPC CheckMate” optimization method explained in this executive summary stems from the need to objectively measure the performance of campaigns, regardless of how they were built to immediately understand where and how to work to improve results.
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The campaign optimization method behind this book (patented in the US in 2016) provides 3 simple steps to control campaigns:
• Efficiency: am I buying the clicks at the lowest possible cost?
• Effectiveness: am I buying the right clicks (those that bring results)?
• Coverage: am I investing the ideal budget to get the best results?
These three checks can be put into practice in just a few minutes in any type of Google Ads account, whether based on 1 campaign with 1 ad group and few keywords, and on hundreds of campaigns with thousands of keywords and many different targeted users.
In addition to the optimization method, this book is a concentrate of almost 15 years of direct experience of the author in the field of Pay Per Click and of the best case studies presented in the 7 editions of ADworld Experience (the largest PPC-cases-only event in the World).

Who is this book for:
• Pay Per Click newbies who want to understand the best way to set up Google Ads (or Bing Ads) accounts.
• Advertisers who already manage campaigns and want to learn a method to control and optimize them in a scientific and professional way.
• Web marketing professionals who want to get the most out of Pay Per Click by automating control and optimization as much as possible.

Gianpaolo Lorusso’s motto is: Success is not easy money, but being proud of what you do.
And he would add that this is the reason why he will probably never get rich (or at least, not as much as he would like.
He is the author of the Italian best selling book “AdWords Agile” and contributes to several PPC industry blogs (PPCHero, State of Digital, the SEM Post, etc.) and speaks regularly in international SEM events (SMX, BrightonSEO, PPCMasters, etc.). In 2012 he created ADworld Experience, now one of the World’s largest PPC event and the largest one based only on real optimization case stroies.
In 2016 he patented in USA “PPC CheckMate”, the optimization methodology behind this book.
He works as Google Ads & Conversion Rate Optimizer freelance professional.

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