My First Thousand Dollars: A practical workbook for acquiring early startup customers

By | August 1, 2015

My First Thousand Dollars is a step-by-step guide to assist newbie entrepreneurs to chart and implement online marketing strategies to kick off their business.

The time tested strategies outlined in the book have been devised and tested out with over 20 business ideas with consistent results. The best part is that all the strategies are absolutely free of cost, where the investment is “your time”.

The steps outlined in this e-book are reproducible and provide a larger framework for colleagues from start-up community with less or no marketing experience to plan their early marketing and build a scalable channel for shaping their sales pipeline.

My First Thousand Dollars is a journey from developing viable business ideas into substantial businesses, finding the right audience to sell and methods for promoting the business. It is based on time tested approaches with real examples that can ascertain early success of a business.

Marketing promotion ideas - web marketing

This ebook is a true work of passion and it intends to benefit those who share the passion for entrepreneurship and startups.; because it is the journey that matters.

If you are passionate about an idea or considering starting a business at some point, this might be one of the most important resource for you.

Bonus Information: The eBook includes over 500 websites, PR sites, groups, communities, forums and methods where a startup can promote its business free of cost. The information provided has been validated by several startups where they have benefited both intangible and tangible ways.

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