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The Ultimate Social Media Bundle: 3X Your Business Through The Power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

By | June 30, 2015

Combine the power of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to start dominating your market and grow your business Inside you’ll learn: FACEBOOK: – my favorite way of increasing Facebook fans (only few are using this because they’re thinking that it’s hard) – live examples of how to do a proper post – the top recommended tools […]

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SEO in 2015: 9 Essential Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Use in 2015 (Internet Marketing Success Secrets)

By | June 29, 2015

In this book I’ll show you 9 Essential Search Engine Optimization strategies to use in 2015 Hi, I’m Matt Lucas Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing landscape. What worked last year isn’t necessarily working today and you want to make sure you’ve got all the tools necessary to place in your niche. I created […]

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Virally Facebook – Make your Living with Facebook Viral Blogs: Experimentally Proven for Perfection

By | June 28, 2015

Learn to make money online with Facebook as the book helps you generate your living with Facebook Viral blog. Experimentally proven ways where I made 700$ in the first week of experiment Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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DAM: Digital Age Marketing

By | June 26, 2015

DAM or Digital Age Marketing is a book designed to teach the basics of digital marketing to small business owners. Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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Twitter Tweet tips 2.0: Marketing strategy guide

By | June 25, 2015

Twitter Tweet Tips 2.0 It’s yours FREE, get your Twitter Tweet Tips 2.0 Marketing Strategy guide before It’s re-listed at $0.99. Read it on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover how to… Use Twitter Tweet Tips 2.0 to the fullest by utilizing effective and proven tweet marketing strategies […]

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Facebook Fan Page Marketing: How to Use the Power of FB Fan Pages to build a powerful brand, reach customers and build a list of repeat buyers

By | June 24, 2015

Do Facebook Fan Page Marketing – The Easy and The Most Profitable Way Finally, A no B.S. no fluff, step by step guide to Facebook marketing domination Inside you’ll learn: – how to set up your profile for best results – my favorite way of increasing Facebook fans (only few are using this because they’re […]

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How To Make Money Using Google Advertising: An Easy-Guide To Minimize The Work And Maximize Your Profits (Google Advertising, Google Adwords, Google Adwords … Adwords keyword planner, Google Ad Book 6)

By | June 23, 2015

**FREE With Kindle Unlimited** How To Make Money Using Google Advertising **DOWNLOAD TODAY AND YOU’LL RECEIVE A FREE NEW RELEASE BONUS BOOK OFFER!** Are You New To Google Advertising? Do You Want A Simple Guide To Get You Started Immediately? If so, this book will show you exactly how to get started. You’ll Soon Find […]

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Facebook Marketing: Erfolgreiches Social Media & Online Marketing für Kundenakquise und mehr Umsatz (German Edition)

By | June 20, 2015

Sie haben eine Website, einen Blog oder sind ganz einfach Unternehmer? Sie wollen sich gerne Facebook zu Nutze machen um damit mehr Internet-Traffic auf ihr Angebot zu lenken und damit Ihre Umsätze zu steigern. Dann ist dieses Buch genau das wonach Sie suchen. In diesem Buch erfahren Sie kostenlose und kostenpflichtige Strategien, mit denen Sie […]

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Clickbank Plus 7Search Case Study Fast PPC Profits

By | June 19, 2015

$2,690.34 In One Day, My Best Day Ever. You Can Do It Too This book is a case study using Clickbank and 7search. You will be shown how I earned $2,690.34 in one day and regularly make between $1500 and $3000 per day. I will show you how to sell products on Clickbank by setting […]

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How to Get More Twitter Followers in 21 Days: How to grow a targeted Twitter community of followers who are interested in your products or services – 21 days of ideas and inspiration

By | June 18, 2015

Twitter is a fantastic business marketing tool for service based business.  It’s easy to network with people on Twitter, it’s easy to find conversations to get involved with and it’s a gold mine of opportunities. But Twitter also seems to be the hardest social media site to get to grips with. I see many businesses […]

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Pay Per Click Marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing Made Easy

By | June 17, 2015

Introducing: Pay Per Click Marketing Made Easy! Still dreaming of getting Targeted traffic on your website! How would you feel we told you that PPC is the Ultimate Key to get INSTANT Quality traffic on your website in order to boost your Sales and Profits? Let us take you by the hand and prove that […]

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The Rise of the Platform Marketer: Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms

By | June 15, 2015

Develop the skills and capabilities quickly becoming essential in the new marketing paradigm The Rise of the Platform Marketer helps you leverage the “always-on” consumer to deliver more personalized engagements across media, channels, and devices. By managing these interactions at scale throughout the customer lifecycle, you can optimize the value of your customers and segments […]

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Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: The Ultimate Social Media Trilogy: 3 in 1 Box Set: How To Market & Make Money With Facebook, Twitter & YouTube (Facebook Marketing, … Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Social Media)

By | June 14, 2015

The Ultimate Social Media Trilogy! Facebook, Twitter & YouTube! Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover About Facebook… Just How Unbelievably Powerful Facebook Is And How To Use It To Your Advantage How To Optimize Your Account To Be Appealing And Informative How To Create The Perfectly Structured Post To Grab Attention And Create […]

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PPC Conversion Formula

By | June 13, 2015

The PPC Conversion formula you are about to learn, consists of a strategy that is used by some of the most highly-experienced veterans in the Affiliate Marketing industry today. This formula is a fail-proof, guaranteed method ,which will instantly generate conversions for you every single day, no matter what affiliate products you are already promoting, […]

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Profitable Social Media Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and More (Online Marketing Guides from Exposure Ninja) (Volume 2)

By | June 12, 2015

**Free Gift for Readers: Comprehensive Expert Social Media Marketing Audit. See page 10 to claim** The thing that is missing from most books on social media is the ‘profitable’ bit. Whether it’s building a targeted fanbase, selling more of your products & services or serving customers, every piece of your social media marketing campaign should […]

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Facebook Marketing

By | June 10, 2015

Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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Getting Digital Marketing Right: A Simplified Process For Business Growth, Goal Attainment, and Powerful Marketing

By | June 9, 2015

You need your business to grow and meet its goals over the next 12 months. You may have tried different marketing and sales tactics and met with different consultants, agencies, and potential hires. Still, there’s still no clear answer… How can you maximize your return and meet your business goals, all while on a limited budget? If […]

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Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook’s Features for Your Marketing Campaigns (3rd Edition) (Que Biz-Tech)

By | June 8, 2015

The Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Marketing—100% Updated for Facebook’s Newest Features & Best Practices   Your best customers and prospects are on Facebook: more than 800,000,000 of them. Your business needs to be there, too: not just with a generic “page,” but with a smart, low-cost marketing program that works. Facebook Marketing, Third Edition […]

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Advertising for indies – PPC: Learning to use Pay Per Click to your advantage (InDIY Guides Book 3)

By | June 7, 2015

Whether you’re bidding on advertising on Goodreads or using Facebook and Amazon to ensure that your books are as high profile as possible, this guide helps you understand keywords, categories, some basic SEO and support you in making sure you’re paying as little as possible for your bids, while getting maximum traffic from them. Buy […]

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DAREDEVIL MARKETING TWITTER EDITION: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Marketing Domination

By | June 6, 2015

Inside you’ll learn – the best ways to get hundreds of followers in a few days or weeks – the daredevil way to get pre-sold buyers – the basic steps to set up your account – and much much more Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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Marketing: Social Media: Make Your Small Business STAND OUT On: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (Social Media Marketing, Small Business Marketing, … Internet Marketing, Social media strategy)

By | June 4, 2015

★ READ FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED ★ MARKETING: Social Media: Make your small business stand out on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Everything You Need To Know To Market Your Small Business On Social Media! This book has proven methods to effectively market your business on today’s social media platforms! 1 out of 7 people […]

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Increase Website Traffic Now!: 45 Proven Tips That Will Increase Your Website Traffic by 500% in the Next 45 Days

By | June 3, 2015

Want to increase your website Viewership by 500% in less than 45 Days? Tired of getting NO visitors to read your blog or view your products? Want to know exactly how you can effortlessly drive traffic to your website? Getting visitors to your website doesn’t have to be difficult. The true secret is to find […]

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Facebook Marketing For Dummies

By | June 2, 2015

Practical Facebook marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques This new edition of Facebook Marketing For Dummies arms novice to expert marketers with everything they need to plan, refine, execute, and maintain a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Fully updated to cover the latest tools and techniques of Facebook marketing, you’ll find hands-on guidance to create and administer […]

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The Five (5) Minute Ad Trick That Will Lower Your Ad Spend By Half

By | June 1, 2015

FIVE MINUTES – that’s all it takes to lower your ad spend by half. Buy On Sale – More Info – Click HERE!

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