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Principles of Successful Marketing and Promotion

This page covers the basics of marketing for study and practice. It presents a brief overview of theory and objectives of this portion of business administration.

Interested parties who want to concentrate on the science around brands and advertising, career prospects and training opportunities are identified and techniques are presented.

On this page a lot of the possibilities for action is outlined as they exist in the marketing area.

This can be a combination of advertising, permanently low prices, trade show presentations and internet marketing activities are used.

Or something totally independent. A discussion of the principles of marketing can already hint that this area gives plenty of room for creativity and innovative ideas. At least as long as the self-realization of the creative is in line with the brand, the product and the company can benefit from new ideas and cutting edge attempts at brand awareness.

This page gives a first insight in the field of knowledge to marketing strategies, corporate communications and customer acquisition.

Besides, classic topics such as the marketing mix and the show will be treated. Also, it comes to modern practices of promotion such as customer relationship management through databases, Internet activity or experience-oriented event marketing.

In the training area of marketing the different paths are shown to qualify in their own ways.

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Whether you are at the beginning of a career, or looking through a lateral entry change, there is always an appropriate way to increase qualifications.

This can be done either by taking a course of study and practice in business.

Finally, there is also the possibility of learning from websites like ours.

More on Marketing mix and theory

We hope you will lear valuable marketing and promotion ideas and techniques.

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